Back to School

Here are some tips you can use to help you with getting you and your child back to school.

Battling the Butterflies

As with any new situation- like starting school for the first time or new grade or new school. Remind them that everyone is nervous the first day and that it will become a routine in no time.

Try and tell them the positive things about school, such as friends, new classmates, buying new school supplies, sports, showing off their new clothes etc.

It’s also really important to talk to them about their worries and offer some comfort and support. For example: ask if they are afraid if they won’t make any new friends or getting along with there teachers?  Is it the thought of school work that is making them feel stressed? are they worried about bullies from last year? Another way to help with the butterflies is to try and develop a consistent school night routine you should also make sure that they:

  • Get enough sleep! establish a bedtime routine that they as well as the parents can follow so that they can get the rest they need and be ready to learn in the morning.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast that will keep them full and focused.
  • Write down the need to know information such as locker combination, what time classes and lunch start,and end, homeroom and classroom numbers, teachers etc.
  • Use a wall calender/ planner to write down assignments and their due dates, test dates, extracurricular activities etc.
  • Have them set out what they need and want to wear the night before.

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Welcoming a newborn baby into your home is an overwhelming experience. Like other first-time parents, you are probably experiencing feelings of excitement and anticipation, as well as anxiety and uncertainty. The next few years of your child's life are very critical, and parents play a vital role in promoting healthy growth and development. Because children don’t come with a user’s manual, parents are left to follow their instincts, rely on previous knowledge, research the answers or ask family and friends for advice. It is definitely a learning experience, but not one that has to be done alone. Welcome Baby offers several different levels of support to first-time parents.
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