Top 5 Homework Tips

Students are more successful in School when parents are actively interested in homework it shows child that what they do is important.

1. Know the teachers and what they look for.                                                                                Attend Parent Teacher Conference and ask about homework expectations.

2. Set up a homework area.                                                                                                         Make sure they have a well lit place to complete homework and keep supplies in reach such as pencils, pen, glue, etc.

3. Have a Scheduled study time.                                                                                                  Some kids work best in the afternoon after a snack and play-time. and some wait until after dinner.

4.  Help them schedule their time.                                                                                                   If they have a big project to do encourage them to only do so much then take a 15 minute break.

5. Keep Distractions at a minimum.                                                                                              No T.V. loud music or phone calls (only an occasional phone call to a classmate) to help with homework assignment.

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