Apple Prints


What you need:

3 apples
red, yellow, green craft paint
Popsicle sticks
paper plates


First, cut your apples. You need to cut them as straight and flat as possible. If they are not flat, paint will not show up on the paper in certain spots. You can cut your apple all different ways. One side shows the fun star shape from the center, or cutting lengthwise will show the apples true shape. Both are fun.

Now, get your paint ready. Pour one color of paint onto the paper plate. Take a stick and put it in the top end of the apple to give your stamp a handle. Then dip in paint, and stamp. You may need to rock the apple back and forth to make sure the stamp got all sides.

You can turn them into apple print cards. You could even cut around them and make an apple print tags. You can draw on the stem and a leaf with a brown marker.

Now you have fun shaped apple prints, perfect for Fall.

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