The Library

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Our theme of community helpers continues, and this week we are talking about Libraries and Librarians.  Here are just a few of the activities we found to help our kids learns about the library:

Fine Motor Activity 
Give each of your preschool students a copy of a children’s book that you will be reading from. Encourage them to browse through the book and look at the pictures before your begin reading. When you start reading, let them know when it comes time to turn each page. Have them use the forefinger and thumb of one hand to turn the pages.

Gross Motor Activity 
Tip-toe: Play a tip-toe game! Librarians want us to be quiet in their libraries, so help your preschool students to practice walking quietly around your classroom and down the school hallways. Tip toe slowly. Tip toe quickly.

Art Center Activities 
Supply your art center with several sheets of rectangular paper of various colors. Let your preschool students use markers or crayons to draw story illustrations and letters of the alphabet on the rectangles. When they have finished, you will have several “book covers” to display.

Songs/Finger Plays 
Tippy, Tippy, Tiptoe
Tippy, tippy, tiptoe,
Here we go, Here we go
Tippy, tippy, tiptoe,
To and fro, to and fro
Tippy, tippy, tiptoe,
Through the house, Through the house,
Tippy, tippy, tiptoe
Like a mouse.

Tippy, tippy, tiptoe,
Don’t make noise, Don’t make noise,
Tippy, tippy, tiptoe,
Girls and boys, Girls and boys.
Tippy, tippy, tiptoe,
Look at me, Look at me,
Tippy, tippy, tiptoe
Quiet as can be.


Lesson adapted from Preschool Lesson Plans


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