Kitchen Safety with Babies

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The kitchen can be an especially dangerous place for a baby.  when you need to spend time in the kitchen, consider placing your baby in a high chair with a few toys to play with.  Or fill a kitchen cabinet with safe items for your baby to play with – such as plastic bowls and cups.

Reduce water temperature.  Set the thermostat on your hot water heater to below 120 F. If you bathe your baby in the kitchen sink, never run the dishwasher at the same time–in case hot water from the dishwasher backs up into the sink.  Don’t run the faucet while your baby is in the sink.

Safely store hazardous objects and substances.  Keep sharp instruments in a drawer with a latch or a locked cabinet  Make sure appliances are unplugged and out of your child’s reach.  Don’t allow electrical cords to dangle where your child could tug on them.  Keep hazardous substances out of sight, out of reach and – whenever possible – in a high cabinet that locks automatically every time you close it.  Hazardous substances in the kitchen might include dishwasher soap, cleaning products, vitamins and alcohol.

Avoid hot spills.  Don’t cook, drink or carry hot beverages or soup while holding a child. Know where your child is when you’re walking with a hot liquid so you don’t trip over them.  Keep hot foods and liquids away from table and counter edges.  Don’t use tablecloths, placements or runners, which young children can pull down.  When you’re using the stove, use the back burners and turn the handles of your pots and pans inward.  Don’t leave food cooking on the stove unattended.

Safeguard your oven.  Try to block access to the oven.  Place tape on the floor around the oven and call it a “no-kid” zone.  Never leave the oven door open.  If you have a gas stove, turn your dials to the off positions and – if possible – remove them when you’re not cooking.  Otherwise, use knob covers.

Look around.  Watch out for other situations that could be hazardous.

  • Put away small refrigerator magnets. A baby could choke on or swallow them.
  • Address slippery or uneven surfaces and clean spills quickly.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy.

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Welcoming a newborn baby into your home is an overwhelming experience. Like other first-time parents, you are probably experiencing feelings of excitement and anticipation, as well as anxiety and uncertainty. The next few years of your child's life are very critical, and parents play a vital role in promoting healthy growth and development. Because children don’t come with a user’s manual, parents are left to follow their instincts, rely on previous knowledge, research the answers or ask family and friends for advice. It is definitely a learning experience, but not one that has to be done alone. Welcome Baby offers several different levels of support to first-time parents.
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