Providing Safe Toys for your Baby


Babies love to play with toys, but you want to make sure the toys around them don’t pose any dangers.

Choose toys carefully
Don’t let your baby play with balloons, marbles, coins, toys that contain small parts or other small items.  Balloons, in particular, pose a major choking hazard when uninflated and broken.  Avoid projectile toys, extremely loud toys and toys with cords, long strings and small magnets.  Remove plastic wrapping and stickers from new toys, and make sure any decorations or small parts–such as eyes, wheels or buttons–are tightly fastened to the toy. Regularly check your baby’s toys for small parts that could come loose, sharp edges and mechanical parts that could trap a child’s finger, hair or clothes.

Safely store toys with small pieces
If you have an older child, you likely have toys in your home with small pieces that your baby could easily choke on or swallow. Gather up games and toys that have small parts, and do your best to keep them out of your baby’s reach.  When your older child wants to play with these kinds of toys, make sure they play with them in an enclosed area and picks up all  of the pieces afterward.

Take care with electronics
Don’t allow small children to play with toys that need to be plugged into electrical outlets.  Make sure battery covers are securely fastened.  If the toy contains a button battery, make sure your child cannot access the battery.

Avoid baby walkers
A young child may fall out of the walker or fall down the stairs while using a walker.
The American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a ban on the manufacture and sale of baby walkers with wheels.


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Welcoming a newborn baby into your home is an overwhelming experience. Like other first-time parents, you are probably experiencing feelings of excitement and anticipation, as well as anxiety and uncertainty. The next few years of your child's life are very critical, and parents play a vital role in promoting healthy growth and development. Because children don’t come with a user’s manual, parents are left to follow their instincts, rely on previous knowledge, research the answers or ask family and friends for advice. It is definitely a learning experience, but not one that has to be done alone. Welcome Baby offers several different levels of support to first-time parents.
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