Garage and Outdoor Safety for Children

Before long the weather will start to heat up and we will want to spend more time outside.  Accidents and injuries can happen in areas where kids don’t spend a lot of time.  Don’t forget to childproof areas of the house such as the garage and basement.

Safely store hazardous objects and substances:  Keep them in a cabinet that locks automatically every time you close it.  Hazardous substances in the garage or basement might include cleaning products, windshield washer fluid, paint and paint thinner.  Always unplug and store tools after using them.  If you have an unused refrigerator or freezer, remove the door so that a child can’t become trapped inside.

Don’t allow your child to play neat the garage:  it might be difficult for a driver to see a small child.  Automatic garage doors can pose a danger for children.  Always keep the garage opener out of reach.

Carefully store ladders:  put ladders away after each use, and anything else that a young child could climb up on.  Always store a ladder on its side.


Front Yard and Backyard Safety

To protect children from outdoor hazards:

  • Set boundaries.  If your backyard doesn’t have a fence, make sure you keep your child within the areas where they should play.  Don’t let your child play unattended.
  • Check for dangerous plants.  If you’re not sure about the plants in your yard, contact your regional poison control center for advice.  If you have poisonous plants in your yard, remove them.
  • Be cautious when using pesticides and herbicides.  Wait at least 48 hours before allowing your child to play in an area that’s been treated.
  • Keep children away from power mowers.  Mowers may throw yard debris with enough force to injure a child.  Keep your child away when mowing.  Also, don’t allow your child to ride on a riding mower.
  • Watch grills and fire pits.  Don’t allow children to play near these potential hazards.  If you have a grill, screen it so your child can’t touch it.  Make sure charcoal is cold before your dump it.


Mayo Clinic guide to your baby’s first Year


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