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What you should know about baby monitors being hacked

First it was Target. Then it was your online passwords. Now, chillingly, it’s baby monitors. Time magazine reported Tuesday that Heather and Adam Schreck’s baby monitor was hacked, with a voice on the other end shouting at the Schreck’s 10-month-old daughter. … Continue reading

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Emergency Care: Choking

Most of the time when something blocks your baby’s throat, he or she will instinctively cough, gasp or gag until the object clears their windpipe.  Usually children will breathe on their own, and you don’t need to interfere.  But if your … Continue reading

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Safely Feeding your Infant

Feeding your baby is often a messy experience, but you don’t want it to be a dangerous one.  If you use a high chair during feedings, always use the chair’s safety straps to buckle your child in.  And before you … Continue reading

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Child Care

If you’re a working mom you know that sooner or later, the time will come to leave your baby with an infant caregiver. Aside from wondering how you’ll find the perfect person or situation, you might be fretting over how your glued-to-you … Continue reading

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